Teacher and Students in Class

About ILSC Education Group

Message from ILSC - Global Directors
At ILSC Education Group, we take pride in delivering quality educational programs, using a dynamic approach that responds to student interests, as well as new global developments in technology and thinking. Our diverse educational programs are offered through our reputable Language Schools, Colleges, Teacher Training, Corporate Training and Continuing Education divisions, and span across 7 cities, and 4 countries.

In all of our program offerings, we encourage our students to be active participants in their educational experience. We teach fundamental skills in a way that engages students to learn and that inspires creativity and confidence. For 20 years, we have been developing and refining our teaching methods, and they have proven successful with thousands of students from all over the world.

Our goal at ILSC is to prepare you for wherever you want to go in the world by helping you achieve internationally relevant career and language skills. You'll be inspired to make learning a lifelong pursuit.

On behalf of our staff, and teachers, we welcome you to ILSC. You are about to begin an exciting adventure in learning!